Double Don’t.

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Rae and I are considering doing more of these. Give us some suggestions on foods you’d like to see! And it doesn’t have to be just fast food atrocities. I’m thinking weird stuff too. Like raw squid or something like that.

Let us know your thoughts!



ReBlogging: Photoshop CS5 concerns

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From my lovely friend Cai, some thoughts on a new  feature in Photoshop CS5:

Today I watched a video preview for a new feature of photoshop CS5 ( which, wow; I remember still using version seven not all that long ago ); it was a sneak peek at the new Content Aware tool in photoshop and… I’m definitely of two minds about this. Before I get into it, I will say that I actually wrote this before I realised that the capacity of the Content Aware tool as shown is a hypothetical; I watched the video embedded on someone’s blog, and took everything as fact until I clicked through to youtube and read the disclaimer attached there. The sad thing is, even if it turns out that this won’t be something CS5 is actually capable of doing, it’s likely that it’s still not all that far off. Anyway.

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The Story of Stuff / Tim Burton

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So this really needs no help from me, but I feel like giving a hand anyway and maybe getting a few new people to see this.

The Story of Stuff

It has really caught on in classrooms is what I have been hearing, and that’s good. This movie pretty much sums up all the guilt and fear and worry I’ve had about my consumer habits, health habits, and earth consciousness over the past year or two, then balled it all up, and hit me over the head with it. It’s eye-opening, and worth the 20 min. it takes to watch the whole thing.

So even if you think it’s too preachy, or coming at you a little too strong, sit through it. Watch it. Get a little dose of guilt…it might help you, or someone else. And hey, maybe we can get some discussion going on at this blog here? Hm? Maybe?  No? Okay, well, alright, I guess if you’re all just here for that Dell post anyway, sheesh.

And in OTHER FANTASTIC NEWS: Tim Burton is going to be at the Moma!

Of course this has nothing to do with earth consciousness, but it does interconnect with my theory that similar people like the same things.

For example,  you find someone who likes The Nightmare Before Christmas, and you’ll also be finding someone who likes Labyrinth. Some things just go together, and Tim Burton goes with being a Nerd, which goes with being a little more aware of the world and its surroundings, which might go with being an ecofreak treehugging activist…? I think so.

So here’s your 2-for-1. Tim Burton, and Saving the Earth. Enjoy.



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Dear Tyler Perry,

Stop wasting your money on shit that no one fucking wants.

If you’re going to dump that much money down the toilet after dozens of shitty movies, why not donate it?



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Dear The Killers,

Stop writing really shitty music.


Get a load of the stones on this one…

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If you follow this blog at all you should know there’s an (un)even mix of intellectual crap, and silly crap.

This is going to be one of the sillier posts. I came across this picture today.

Whoa. Really? Do they make them like this now?

Whoa. Really? Do they make them like this now?

I am shocked. And a little apalled. Maybe it’s because my neutered male cat Demon saunters around, effectively ball-less. I don’t know, am I the only one just completely astounded by the size of this cat’s testicles? Or is this a normal thing. Help me out here…I’ve clearly been living a lie.

The reason I bring this up at all is because my often juvenile humor is totally tickled when an animal’s balls seem out of proportion. Prime example: Mice. Their balls are just about as big as their head.


Thanksgiving Themed lols!

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Happy Turkey Day one and all!

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