Cartoon clouds and wisps of wonder…

Raven and I have been promising and swearing that we’d be writing on here. After having seen both Iron Man and the second Chronicles of Narnia, we vowed to write and comment. Alas, nothing.

Instead, it has taken me to work five days in a row and finally have a night off for the muse to strum her golden harp, thusly encouraging my fingers to tap dance across the keys of my soul.

I don’t forsee this post being of anything too utterly brilliant, or anything in particular at all, really. Just something of a launch pad for what is to come, I suppose.

I’ve been working a lot. I want to say “lately” on the end of that statement, but it’s not like it’s a new development. Unfortunately my job requires upwards of 55+ hours a week. Being a manager, working on salary, is certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s exhausting. Both physically and mentally. My old back injury (thanks, mud pit) is really making itself evident. And, since I’m apparently 80 years old, my joints have become a whole helluva lot more vocal in the passing weeks.
A very cool thing about work is that I’ve been there for about two months now and I’ve already been given the responsibility of setting schedules for the peons below me. Note that I say “peons below me” with every ounce of both re-/and disre- spect that one can conjure to such an image. Some of the “associates” (as we refer to them), have become great friends already. And I am very glad to have met them. Others, howe’er, are disrespectful, spoiled, selfish, lazy, terrible high school shits. But, then again, you’re going to find people like that everywhere, no matter where you end up.

On a completely unrelated note, new subject.
I really don’t have the slightest idea of why I’m so infatuated, but I really am just utterly fascinated by, and cannot get enough of dinosaurs.
Raven and I have tried to discern the source of such an elementary glee. We think it may have to do with the media with which I was raised. Jurassic Park, anyone? We’re Back! (if anyone’s seen it). Land Before Time, the all time classic (and I only acknowledge the first, the other 17 are totally bogus). What about Dinosaurs, the old t.v. show with the people in the giant dinosaur costumes? And I have to face the facts and realize that I never had such a passion as a child. It seems that, as I grew older and began to really know who the hell I am, that’s when I discovered what I truly appreciate in life. Music (even though I can’t play a lick of it), acting/entertaining (but only certain kinds (interactive and the like)), learning, the English language, food (both cooking and eating), literature. I can go on, but this isn’t a high school yearbook where I list my likes and dislikes. I merely rambled those few off to exemplify that which, up until about five or six years ago, I had no idea meant so much to me.

I guess, lesson to be learned, if you’ve had the patience to read this far, is that it’s not a bad idea to stop every now and then and take a little stock of how things are going in your life. Are you doing what you want to be doing? If not, is there at least an outlet for you to do that which you love? If not, you’re gonna be miserable soon if you aren’t already. Find a passion. You needn’t pursue it violently, by any means. But have it. And enjoy. Love it.


~ by Cynik on May 22, 2008.

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