Character Study #1

While at work yesterday, I served a man named Arden Witherwick.

No he was not a dwarf warrior.

He was about 5′ 9″, mostly balding, dark grey hair on top, with a shock of white beard on his chin. The beard was trimmed, with no mustache, Amish style.

As I was ringing him up, the following conversation occurred:

Nik: “That comes to $17.53 all together.”

Arden: “Good year, 1753.”

N: “Was it?”

A: “Oh yeah.”

N: “It was before my time.”

A: “Oh, it was a little before mine too. The Revolution hadn’t even started yet.”

N: “No, not yet. But they were thinking about it.”

A: “Oh yes, they were still mad about the tea.”

And then Arden walked out of my life.

Sometimes people are just plain awesome.
More often than not they’re assholes. But sometimes they’re wicked cool.


~ by Cynik on June 6, 2008.

One Response to “Character Study #1”

  1. forget the asses of the world as soon as you can, remember the Ardens

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