We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a silly little poll.

This blog has peaked, so far, at 16 visitors. That means that people besides me and the other writers must be checking in. Therefore I can legitimately throw out a question to the boundless internet sea, and hope that someone answers my desperate plea. Ready? For the desperate plea?

Hypothetical situation, a person declares this (wait for it), how do you react?

“I will never own a white car, a black car, a green car, a blue car, or anything that falls in the darker black-blue-purple spectrum for these reasons: If a white car crashes in a snow bank, or falls in a ditch in the winter…in a snowy region, it is likely not to be found or it will be overlooked. A blue car or a dark car that careens into a lake, river, ravine, etc…also will be hard to find. Black cars and dark cars have the same problem if they go off the road and into a forest. Furthermore, white cars can’t be seen well in blizzards.

My car will be red, so as to avoid the possibility that the color of my car decides my fate in a critical accident.”

A. Now those are legitimate concerns. Come to think of it, a red car is a smart choice.

B. Wha….? Paranoid much?

C. You can’t let car colors rule your life!

D. This is your thinly veiled attempt at getting free psycho-analysis, isn’t it, Delgado.

Say what you will, I want to hear it. The point of this post may well be that people (explicitly me) are totally crazy, overexposed to car-crashes in the media and in movies. It may be that some of you are on my side, and feel that the more caution we use, the less we have to worry about not getting lodged in a snow bank in our white toyota camrys.

Think about it. Or call me out on my faulty wiring.

Drive safely.


~ by Delgado on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a silly little poll.”

  1. I own a grey car — I’m doomed if I crash into a puddle of molten mercury….come to think about it, if I crash into a puddle of molten mercury, the color of my car is probably the least of my concerns! That being said, I believe that planning for disaster can cause disaster so I worry about more productive things. Like giant asteroids and bird flu.

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