Get your shit together.

Dear people of life,

The floods and earthquakes and storms and droughts and wildfires are not “acts of God.”

It’s weather.

If we didn’t fuck with the environment so much, maybe the Earth wouldn’t reject us like a body fighting a foreign organ.

Wake up. Don’t blame it on your, or anyone else’s, god.

I realize that I may be coming off as anti-Catholic. Or anti-religion. Or something of the like. I don’t want to seem that way. It just seems that the news stories that enrage me as of late all have to do with the “Almighty” getting credit where it’s undue.

Sorry to rant. Hopefully more to be written soon. When I’m not working six miserable days in a row.

*Oh, p.s. They are not acts of God unless it’s the Apocalypse. And I’m really starting to become more and more convinced of that it just might be.


~ by Cynik on June 19, 2008.

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