A little “Food Industry” update for y’all.

So, those of you who have been on the edges of your seats with my posts now get some closure. Well, not really closure, per se, but just more to piss you off even more.

My restaurant has a little blurb on the receipt asking the customers to go online and give us their thoughts.

Here’s one we got today. (punctuation and spelling will be written as is, I’ll omit the restaurant name)

Date of Receipt: 6/26

Problem Comment: My husband and I ordered soups (I had garden veg he had turkey chili) and the half greek salad. We had tuna scoops with this. Usually the tuna comes scooped on top of the salad, this time it was on the side. Not a problem. While I was eating I took the tuna and placed it on the salad. During eating I discovered a piece of metal approx 1 1/2 inches long that appeared to be something like a piece of wire or shard from somewhere deeply inbedded in the food. I am unsure as to whether it came from the tuna or the salad. (It actually seemed to be more from the salad). It REALLY turned me off. I have worked as a restaurant chef for years. The only time this kind of thing happens is usually when can openers are very dull and create opening issues. I brought the hunk of metal to the food service area and asked to speak to the manager. One of the two managers on duty (a woman) directed me to speak to the other manager (who was not actively preparing food), named Nick. He was helpful and extremely apologetic (I gave the metal piece to the other manager) and he gave us our meals without charge but at that time the last thing I wanted to do was eat anything else there. He also could not answer where he thought the problem was, as the tuna, according to him, comes in a PLASTIC bucket and the salad bags. I do not know if he went to any effort to correct anything, as they continued to prepare food as if nothing happened, utilizing the same salad and products as mine came from. I really felt that Nick had no idea what to do except apologize continuously. (I am not stating that Nick was the problem, except that he really didn’t know how to handle what happened.) I am disappointed in *insert name of restaurant* in total, first this happening, and second for the fact that the managerial staff on duty couldn’t completely cope with a problem like this. As a restaurant chef, ANY time contaminated food is identified, the remainder of whatever it is must be discarded. I’m not sure this was handled at all.

General Comment: I stated my problem earlier. I’m not sure talking to a manager about this would change anything. It was one of my favorite places and know I am disappointed and unsure if I can feel comfortable coming back there. (however coupons wouldn’t hurt!). I am just unsure what to say at this time.

There it is folks. Her biggest crime, spelling my name wrong. If you cared, you would have noticed there was no “c”! *sob*

No, really, though.

What I would give to plead my case. To take this bitch aside.

First of all, I never told you that the salad came in bags. Hmm, suspicious that you know that.

Secondly, fuck you and your restaurant chefing! I don’t care! It changes nothing! You’re still a swindling twat.

Thirdly, I’ll bet all of my video games (that’s serious) that you actually did finish your meals.

Four, you did not actually sit around and watch if we got rid of the food. You were sitting over in the corner, almost the farthest from the food counter as possible, with no straight sight line.

Five, we didn’t get rid of the food because a) we got no more complaints 2) I DIDN’T BELIEVE YOU! Why waste food for no reason?

Six, we handled the goddamn problem. You got your free damn meals out of it. Now shut up. OH! I just realized! The meals! Full greek salads! There were no soups involved at all! I looked directly at the receipt.

And finally, “…unsure if I can feel comfortable coming back there. (however coupons wouldn’t hurt!)” Um, fucking blatant scam, anyone? How much more obvious can you be with that?! Not to mention the fact that I never want to see this lying bitch’s face again, anyway.

Y’know, I was totally over it until I saw this. She left her e-mail on the comments. How tempted I am to drop her a nice line to tell her what I think of her. Maybe send her a link to this blog. I could say goodbye to my job, then, however. But it disgusts me to think that this woman is winning. It’s almost worth losing my job just to fucking tell her off.


Alas, I must sigh and push this improperly vented rage down until I’m forced to have a panic attack at the bank (just happened to one of our other managers).

Dear Ms. Paulson, fucking eat me.
(I don’t contain metal shards)


~ by Cynik on June 29, 2008.

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