Feverish dream state = Window to something more?

So, I spent my day off yesterday lying on the couch in a feverish daze all day. I rarely ever get sick. Once every few years. But I got whomped yesterday. Luckily, as aforementioned, it was my day off.

So I was lying on the couch, watching No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain (which is fantastic, by the way. Travel Channel that shit), and I was passing in and out of awareness and some sick dream state. And I think one of these dreams was affected by the news that I had been watching moments earlier.

As I’ve said before, I don’t watch the news ’cause it depresses me. Well, I was flipping through and saw some news story about some student that was shot for whatever reason. I didn’t think anything of it. But, as I fell asleep, this “dream” (if you can even call it that, it lasted two seconds or so) showed me this dead guy, lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, a bullet hole in his head. I wasn’t horrified. I wasn’t disgusted. I wasn’t even grotesquely curious.

I had this feeling of “Oh, he can’t do any of this stuff now.” And I just instantly thought of all the things he’s missing out on, being dead. But, in the next instant, I thought “But at least he gets to do all this.” And just before I got that glimpse of what he did get to do while being dead, I snapped back to Anthony Bourdain eating bull penis.

I guess my point is, had I been more feverish, or under the influence of peyote or something like that, would I have been given a glimpse at something far deeper and mind-fuckingly awesome than what I was allowed? And if I had gotten to that point, would I have come back? Or would I just be a jabbering idiot on a couch for the rest of my life? Well, moreso of a jabbering idiot than usual.

I am no advocate of drugs, by any means. Never done the stuff, never will. Hell, I barely even drink. But, what if the Native Americans were onto something? Or any other culture that had the mind-altering drugs, for that matter? What if they weren’t just hallucinations? These things actually do have the ability to drop that curtain of reservation and doubt and let those who partake to actually see things that the normal, conscious mind cannot. Same goes with a bad enough fever, your mind’s not in the best of states to begin with, so it loses the ability to filter what “shouldn’t be seen.”

I don’t know the proper percentage, and I’m too lazy to Google the shit (even though it’s a two second mouse click away), but the average human only uses a slight fraction of his brain. So, did our ancestors, great(to the 12th power) grandpa Ugg the dude who killed a sabertooth cat with his bare hands and ate raw mammoth, y’know, that guy? Did him and his buddies use more of their brains? Granted, they were less developed, yes, but for what they did have for a brain, did they use a higher percentage? Maybe they didn’t kill the sabertooth cat with their bare hands, but with mind bullets… okay, so maybe not mind bullets.

Or is this tiny fraction of brain usage just a hint at some greater design for us. The kinks are still being worked out. Once we stop killing each other and fucking pigs and eating our daughter’s kidney and lighting things on fire to get our rocks off, maybe then we will be allowed that next step. Then who- (or what-) ever it is that made us will give us that upgrade. Human 2.0. Maybe we’re in Human Millennium Edition, or Human Vista. We look good, but we’re useless. I’d like to think that we are here for some purpose. Well, one other than fucking the shit out of the planet we live on.

Which reminds me, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about dinosaurs (’cause I’m a huge nerd, remember?), and think about the huge variety of reptiles that spanned those millions of years: those on four legs, on two, with wings of skin, wings of feather, armor plating, scales, feathers, spikes, plates, sharp teeth, flat teeth, two brains, one tiny one, little stubby arms, wicked long necks, egg-laying, live-birthing, not to mention all those in the sea.

Okay, now think about the variety of mammals today. Wings, bills, spikes, four feet, two feet, claws, eggs, live, you name it. We’re pretty diverse. (tangent: when you get a moment, look up footage of a sloth. They are just absurd animals. No purpose on this earth. Did you know that they’re so slow that they actually have mold growing on them?! What?!)

So, methinks, what if our time is nigh? What if the cycle is reaching its end? The mammals have had their time to morph into something completely bogus. Epic destruction, ice caps melt, and fish rule the world. Pretty lame ending to a kick ass planet. Besides, dinosaurs never went to space. Well, not that we know, anyway.

And man, don’t even get me started on space. I had this moment the other day where I almost shat because I began to think about the vastness and the complete lack of knowledge we have of space.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, there is so much fucking potential in so many ways for humans. Whether it’s evolutionary, technologically, terratologically, historically, or even just through our minds. But the most important thing to realize is all that potential is wasted, shot to shit, completely useless if we devolve ourselves all the time. Some 21 year old student gets shot. That sets us back another billion years. We pour acid into the ocean. Another billion or so more.

Let’s prove that we can be more. Let’s make the point that we can get that upgrade. Show mom and dad that they can trust us with the car and about 25% more of our brains. What do you say? Let’s give it a shot.

Hug someone today.


~ by Cynik on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “Feverish dream state = Window to something more?”

  1. #1) the Native Americans WERE on to something — the unfortunate thing about the mind altering drugs is that while you may grasp the meaning of life while under the influence, chances are it will completely elude you again when you come back to yourself
    #2) love the Tenacious D reference (do I get a gold star for noticing?)
    #3) I think we should probably hope that individuals can get upgrades rather than expecting the entire species will suddenly reform!

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