Theories: Why someone might decapitate and then (allegedly) cannibalize a stranger for no apparent reason…

You may have been watching the news lately…you may be living under a rock, I’m not going to judge, but if you belong to the latter then you need to read this news article right now.

This falls into the category of things that make me think the world is coming to an end. This is right up there with 9/11, the high natural disaster frequency around the world, 80 degree day winters, crazy gas prices and a troubling economy, and Heath Ledger’s death.

Now my way of dealing with all this is rationalization, and my particular rationalization happens to fall into a long-standing theory which keeps me amused while I people watch. The theory of why the world is so fucked up. If you ask me (which I know you didn’t but if you’re reading this then I have to assume you’ll keep reading and therefore I can address you as I like) the key problem here is natural selection. We don’t have it anymore. Period.

I’m no trans-humanist, or whatever that group is that believes in genetic superiority and specialized breeding of the human race, but I do feel that there’s no denying we’ve been polluting our own gene pools in ways that mother nature can’t forgive, but also in ways that are being coped with by our homosapiens genius. I’ll use myself as an example: Every year my eye-sight deteriorates. Without my glasses I can’t read a person’s expression if they’re more than 10 feet away from me, and I certainly can’t drive without their aid. If we, us humans, the inventive little bastards that we are, had never invented glasses, then I would be picked off in the wild relatively quickly. My saving grace is a decent complexion and good child-bearing hips, which hypothetically might get my paired up with a man with great eyesight, resulting in my genes being passed on (with the added plus that our offspring might take HIS good eyesight which protects me and ensures my survival in the first place), but the point of this ramble is to give a brief summation of bad genes = higher chance for death = less the likelihood to pass them on.

Now take into account all our ingenious compensations with medicine and technology. Crazy people can be less crazy, sick people can live longer, ugly people can get pretty. And if you throw into the equation the intense human desperation to not be alone (and this quality I feel may be key as well), you can see how people breed and pass on genes that, were we not so smart, would be eliminated early on in the game. But what we have in reality is a solution to every problem. We fix what is broke, but only on the surface. My bad eyesight is going to be passed on to my kids, and craziness all around the world gets passed on because prozac and the hundred other happy drugs out there allow people to cope long enough to have kids.

Disclaimer: I am not knocking anti-depressants. Or glasses. I think it’s kind of wonderful that this is why the human race has taken over the world. But I can also see why it means that the worst is only going to get worse. We’re not playing by the rules anymore, and I don’t know that anyone can say that that means we’re going to win, or lose, just that it could go either way. Right now we just happen to be going the way of hell-in-a-handbasket. See the above referenced news article. It just makes no sense to me without this theory.


~ by Delgado on August 10, 2008.

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