Maybe this should be on Delgado’s “Theories” page…

So I have this theory, you can call me a bigot, a racist, what have you, fuck off. My blog, my opinion.

Anyway, the theory: If from this point on, for the next thirty or so years, no one ever brings up skin color, any difference in race, any type of hatred for someone who’s different, those generations down the road will not know of that difference that so plagues our society to this day. Granted, in order for that to totally happen we’d need to avoid some history and stuff in schooling, but maybe it’s not a bad idea. And, should any kid, of his own volition, come to the conclusion of different being bad, we teach him otherwise.

This has been particularly in my  head as of late because I listen to NPR a lot. It just so happens that the show that’s on when I drive to work every day is a black program. It’s not BET or anything, but it focuses around issues today in the black community. What really hit me is when they were discussing the movie Tropic Thunder, which I’ve yet to see, but my little brother says it’s hilarious and I intend to see it (most likely tomorrow). Apparently, one of the things that critics are making a stink about is that they use the word “retard” or “retarded” a lot in the movie. It’s not like they’re actually addressing the mentally challenged, they’re just using it as a slur. I have no problem with that, people need to just get the hell over it.

But the people on the program were saying “Oh, I’m surprised they aren’t complaining more about Robert Downey Jr in the movie. For those of you who don’t know, Robert Downey Jr plays am Australian actor who plays a black character. He actually wears makeup in the movie. It’s not that, in the movie Tropic Thunder, he plays a black actor, he’s the white actor playing black. Now, some people are shouting about black face and crying racist. First of all, this is black face.

Not Robert Downey Jr

Not Robert Downey Jr

And now Robert Downey Jr.

Here he is.

Here he is.

Frankly, I think he looks a shit-ton like Don Cheadle.

Not Robert Downey Jr in make up.

Not Robert Downey Jr in make up.

Anyway, if people are shitting about Robert Downey Jr, what the fuck about the piece of shit Wayans brothers? Or Dave Chappelle?

Maybe itd be okay if it was funny...
Maybe it’d be okay if it was funny…
Also not funny.

Also not funny.

The point I’m trying to make is: REVERSE RACISM. That’s all the Chappelle show is all about.

Basically, just accept Tropic Thunder for the stupid, mindless Ben Stiller comedy that it is. And I think the whole point of the white guy playing the black character in a war movie, along with all of the other characters in that film, is that in war films like that, the actors will do anything to shoot for that Oscar. And don’t you dare say ” Oh, do anything? Like black face is torture, to do so he deserves the Oscar?!” Fuck you for thinking that. You know that’s not what I mean.

Also, yes, I do not use the term “African American.” Unless they’re straight off of the boat to live in America now, they’re not African American. Chances are, those claiming “African American” were African generations ago. It’s black. I’m known as “white.” You’re known as “black.” As long as you want to separate yourself by your skin color, you’re “black.”

And another thing. Apparently some group somewhere is calling for more apologies from the government for what happened with the slaves way back in the day. Now, I’ve done no research, so, if I’m wrong, tell me, but I think the government has, in fact, apologized at one point in time for slavery. Not to mention reparations and things of that sort. So, really, how many apologies is it going to take for each and every random black community and group to be happy with this? Or, basically, every ten years will another group pop up and want an apology?

I guess the whole point of this blog is that, as long as anyone, white or black, is going to separate themselves or each other for their differences, we really can’t make a whole lot of progress, can we? I know, it’s nothing new. It gets said all the time. But I really think there should be a point where people stop saying shit and actions begin.

Okay, so this is a challenge to the world. Take your foot out of your goddam mouth and start doing something. Accept and embrace, don’t ostracize, differences. C’mon, we all have something to add to the party.

And that’s it. I have two teaching tests tomorrow. I have to get up way early. I’m a little drunk. And this a blog update was a ways in the running.

Love and peace to all.

~The Cynik


~ by Cynik on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “Maybe this should be on Delgado’s “Theories” page…”

  1. and while we’re at it, can we get rid of the word “pride” in relation to ethnicity? Shouldn’t “pride” be reserved for something accomplished and not used for an accident of birth? (mad props to George Carlin for expressing this ever so much better than I ever could!)

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