Life in a godless time, Swimming in nihilistic soup, or Rise of the Ubermensch…err…Kind of:

HELLO SNACKERS! This is my first contribution to the “feed” so umm, yeah, lets get to crunchin’! The Harvery is mad, he’s angry, and he might just be a little upset.  NOOOOO…why would he be mad? What could he possibly be upset about? Well, you know…just about everything! Instead of getting blogged down by such an expansive topic as “everything” I’m instead going to focus on that small cross section of the “everything” we like to call “the state of the world”.  Yay, hooray…Timmy pass the balloons over this way! The Harvery presents:

Life in a godless time, Swimming in nihilistic soup, or Rise of the Ubermensch…err…Kind of:

Since Darwin’s book “the origin of species”, there has been a massive shift in the zeitgeist of human social behavior. The intellect of the collective world (in the majority) was forced to think about things, as of yet un-thunk. Pre-theory of evolution, the collective conscious accepted a tiny bit of magic, a little bit of wonder, and allowed their disbelief to be suspended enough to take for fact what upon first priori input would seem to be clean cut ridiculousness. Remove this wonder and this suspension of disbelief, and we wind up a godless society looking upon Shakespeare’s world stage and seeing only players and theater techs in their futile attempt at creating a source of reflection for human nature. We become the unimpressed audience member, crunching feverishly upon Cheeto’s and cowing absently on chewy fruit snacks, arms folded with a scowl that exudes perpetual nihilism and unabashed self righteousness. Without magic, there can be no god in its former incarnation. We can no longer look to the skies for the “right way to do things”, we can no longer accept the dogmatic do’s and don’ts as a guide towards fulfilling a higher purpose. We are left swimming in a soup of pointless and arbitrary ingredients. Because as Nietzsche’s profession that most people are sheep is correct, people (me and you, I am not excluded) need some sort of structure and purpose for which to guide us through. We are sheep left with a hopeless desperation for a Sheppard. Nietzsche also came up with the idea of what he called “the Ubermensch” or “the over man”, which basically is a sheep that has learned to Sheppard itself. Now, in context, what this means is that there is a potential solution to the depressing futility of a life seemingly without purpose. The problem I see with this potential solution is that it is an egoistic solution which will only lead to chaos and anarchy. If one were to adapt the newly created direction towards a more altruistic goal, then perhaps there-in lays the solution to our angst riddled times.

I have long thought that the direction of civilization has been heading towards a more tribe like structure. With fuel prices being what they are and the ever increasing rapidity of information transfer, it would seem that self sufficient communities would be a logical step towards a better quality of life. If this were the case, the world population would find itself fractioned into microcosms. The benefit of a microcosm is that they are small enough to help people find their natural positions, and they would assist a more altruistic lifestyle. Currently we live in an industrialized world in which currency is worshipped. People are treated as property, bought by the hour by corporate puppeteers. It is the classic Marxist delineation of ruling elite and merchant class, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The difference being that in these current times the proletariat is complacent under the illusion of freedom. The truth is that people are free to serve as puppet to the puppeteer of their choosing and nothing more in this situation. Due to people’s extreme desire to find purpose we’ve accepted a mechanistic destiny. If somehow we could re-introduce a sense of wonder, people would start to question things.

The current forecast for the world is original recipe, extra crispy, the youth for the most part are slowly being roused from their apathy, and are becoming more and more conscious of the situation, the older generation is in a coma of complacent denial, and our government has more interest in exacerbating the quagmire than solving it. So, where does that leave us precious few who have been awakened? How do we process information like “a chunk of ice the size of Manhattan has broken off and melted at the North Pole”? Santa’s acres are disappearing and we can’t seemingly do anything about it! What about the Reindeer? Better yet, what about our children, or their children? What happens when there’s no atmosphere left and we’re forced to melt down rapper’s jewelry so we can use the gold to create gold dust to shoot up in the air to deflect the UV rays? What happens if we don’t wake up on time? This time, we won’t get fired from a job, we’ll get fired from existence as we know it. The environment is not the ONLY problem either, there are alot of them, and it’s time for us as primarily educated and capable people to set the alarm off. We are so busy waiting for someone else to do things that nothing ever gets done…granted there are a few people trying, but we do not HAVE to be sheep…we can be humans. I know that the thought of being human, and even the thought of having independent thought is against everything you’ve been taught to do. We have to accept our place in the universe…in this world particularly. We are so fixated on egoism and the “what’s in it for me” attitude that we cannot see that if we would set that aside for a moment or two, we could make strides towards a better future.  Better than a better future, we could make strides towards a future period. We do not need to wait for a sheppard to guide us; we can guide ourselves, and look to each other if we feel lost. What we need now is the rise of the ubermensch. We need to find value in ourselves and each other and use that discovered value for the betterment of mankind and the bunny rabbits too.

I am perfectly aware of the utopian idealism slathered on to the sandwhich of this blog entry, however, the fact that I am still capable of such optimism is itself an incredible foot of fantastic.

Parmenides was the philosopher that came up with the concept of the constant is…the is that is independent of cognitive process…the unwavering existence. In addition to that un-changing is…he also had the sense of wonder to think about it at all. Heraclitus, another philospher of the same period, philosophised that everything was in constant flux, constant change was the way of it. In my opinion, successful life cannot be reached without a balance of these two basic and contrary principals. You must find value in what is unchanging and further more to be daring enough to attempt change; and without wonder, neither of these is possible. Without wonder, there can be no hope.

Be well

Live, Love, Learn, Let it happen (the rhombus)

The Harvery

P.S: It’s time to wake up!


~ by theharvery on September 5, 2008.

One Response to “Life in a godless time, Swimming in nihilistic soup, or Rise of the Ubermensch…err…Kind of:”

  1. Hey,you’ve hit the nail on the head.Now all you have to do is convince the money worshipping people.Jesus tried something similar and they murdered him for it so good luck with that!!The only way any of them would listen would be if they were to loose all their material wealth and find themselves in poverty,starvation and disease(could happen in the near future).Then they would see the system for its heartless self and perhaps be willing to live as you say,self sufficient.I truly hope we do.

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