So what do you do when life gets a little too hectic?

You drink. Plain and simple. Or turn to drugs, ’cause that’s always a good option too. End sarcasm, begin tangent.

TANGENT: While looking at some truly magnificent photography in my History of Photography class, someone called out- “Were they on drugs when they were doing this?!” Now, to the wretch’s defense, the work was pretty trippy. For example, Sandy Skuglund’s “Maybe Babies”:

Totally awesome, right?

Totally awesome, right?

However, the second I heard that comment I bristled. Why? Because FOR THE LOVE OF DUCKS, why do imagination and talent have to be associated with drug use? Can’t someone be brilliant, and not need to huff on a joint, or drink themselves into oblivion, or shoot crack into their eyeballs? I find it very sad that creativity must be dogeared by drugs. The astounded wretch from my class is not the only soul to do this, so I feel my anger is justified. For the record, as far as I know, Sandy was not on drugs when she did this work, or her many other (imho) beautiful pieces. She also creates all the props herself, now that’s talent.

End tangent, begin point of this post. After the cut…(psst, there’s a drink recipe coming up, so keep reading!)

What I was going to say is that there’s no shame in ocassional having a stiff drink (or a floozy little cocktail in my case) if you’ve had a rough day. I would tend to endorse healtheir alternatives, such as vigorous exercise, cooking a meal, reading a book, listening to some music, drawing, etc…whatever gets you relaxed, but at times those things just don’t cut it. So here’s a terribly geeky drink I created that I would like to share. And it is called…

Limoncello Speedo

1 packet emergen-c (tangerine flavor is what I used, but you could probably pick any of their many delicious citrusy kinds) for a little fizz, and because it’s healthy.

1 healthy dollop of Limoncello liquor (seriously, put in however much you want, the stuff is strong though which is why I’ve cut it with so many other things)

Enough water to fill a good bit of the glass (because if you were to do the whole thing with another juice it would be so much less limoncello-y)

A splash of orange juice (mine was a peach-mango blend. But whatthefuckever you want)

Mix gently, sip, enjoy, and have a listen to this gem (the inspiration for the drink, duh). Everything will be just fine.



~ by Delgado on September 10, 2008.

One Response to “So what do you do when life gets a little too hectic?”

  1. If “awesome” is synonymous with “creepy” then that artwork is certainly awesome! Whether or not the artist was doing drugs to inspire the artwork, the end result rather makes ME want to do drugs! But I’ve found that most artwork has this affect on me. To answer the question posed by your title: I handle stress by sleeping. Used to drink and drug — found it to be too stressful so it was kind of defeating the purpose! Sleeping is now my drug of choice.

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