The Story of Stuff / Tim Burton

So this really needs no help from me, but I feel like giving a hand anyway and maybe getting a few new people to see this.

The Story of Stuff

It has really caught on in classrooms is what I have been hearing, and that’s good. This movie pretty much sums up all the guilt and fear and worry I’ve had about my consumer habits, health habits, and earth consciousness over the past year or two, then balled it all up, and hit me over the head with it. It’s eye-opening, and worth the 20 min. it takes to watch the whole thing.

So even if you think it’s too preachy, or coming at you a little too strong, sit through it. Watch it. Get a little dose of guilt…it might help you, or someone else. And hey, maybe we can get some discussion going on at this blog here? Hm? Maybe?  No? Okay, well, alright, I guess if you’re all just here for that Dell post anyway, sheesh.

And in OTHER FANTASTIC NEWS: Tim Burton is going to be at the Moma!

Of course this has nothing to do with earth consciousness, but it does interconnect with my theory that similar people like the same things.

For example,  you find someone who likes The Nightmare Before Christmas, and you’ll also be finding someone who likes Labyrinth. Some things just go together, and Tim Burton goes with being a Nerd, which goes with being a little more aware of the world and its surroundings, which might go with being an ecofreak treehugging activist…? I think so.

So here’s your 2-for-1. Tim Burton, and Saving the Earth. Enjoy.



~ by Delgado on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Story of Stuff / Tim Burton”

  1. Thanks Delgado….. I would like to watch that and I’m into Tim Burton as well. You might find my blog relates to this since it deals with material culture…

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