About : R(arely)AQ

So why should I read this blog?

For fresh opinions, educated views, alternating and exciting content, and the kittens. Do it for the kittens.

What makes you guys any different than the other trillion billion wastes of space blogs out there?

We’re educated. We’re not going to whine at you (see: Emo) about the government (well, maybe a little). We have a vast array of unusual life experiences with which to draw upon, and therefore our content should keep you stimulated and odor free. Buy now. If you call now we’ll throw in a bonus light-up Buddha key chain light. Stay Zen!

Who are you guys, anyway?

A creative brain trust of discontented youths of the next generation of a crumbling society of pain and misery and depression.

–Actually, we may be a bit cynical but we’re also optimistic and as in love with the world as we hate it. (Some of us more cynical than others (Nik) and some of us more optimistic than others (Everyone else))

For more involved answers to this question go here.

If I think like you, can I put up my poorly formulated opinions on your blog, too? What about my artwork?

By all means, if you have anything to contribute, send it to our e-mail with all the necessary information and we’ll get back to you about whether we are going to publish it on the blog (with credit, of course). Also, we love art, and artists, we may love you too but none of us will ever know if you don’t send us your work! We will never post anything without your permission, but if everyone is in agreement and we really like ya we’ll give you a spot on our Featured Artists page.

Have a question? Send us an e-mail! We might respond to you!



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