The Contributors

Matt Harvey:

Matt Harvey is the result of many continuing experiments, both the solution and the quagmire; he exists because the universe has deemed it necessary. He has a profound love for peanut butter and a deep loathing of the willfully ignorant. He lives by and will be survived by the Rhombus. He is amused by the thought of dolphin porn. He would like to thank you for partaking in the plethora of thought pastries he purveys for you’re mindful self indulgence. He believes in world piece.


Nik is an often cranky guy who feels helpless when faced with the world today. He hopes that he can provide some sort of insight, entertainment, nugget of knowledge or tidbit of truth to those who choose to venture down the stairs at night for a Midnight Snack.


Delgado is your typical tree-hugging dirt-worshiper with extensive passion and knowledge of the obscure. She’s a writer that has ceased to write, a dancer that only bops about in the car nowadays, and a collector of random crafting skills such as tatting, crochet, and decorative placement of things-she-has-found-on-the-ground.


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